Slate is one of the superior roofing materials, but you don’t see many people using it these days. It is mostly going to be a material used on historic homes. While that’s the case, it is a very popular material and is of a very high quality. Oddly enough, since slate is a little outdated, one of the biggest problems that often arises is when unqualified people go to do work on that type of roof.

If a roofing company performing maintenance on a slate roof doesn’t know what they are doing, then they can make mistakes that can be quite costly later on down the road. What you want is an experienced roofing company to work on your roof. And as far as warning signs and problems that can arise, well, it is quite simple. There are instances where slate tiles either shift, break or fall off. It is under those circumstances where your roof can be penetrated and moisture can make its way into your home.


There are the cases, too, where slate tiles are too heavy for a home. That said, if you have purchased a home with slate tiles already installed, that type of issue was addressed prior to the installation. And as for the tiles themselves, well, now you know what issues to lookout for. You’re going to be on the lookout for tiles that are missing or that have issues. It is easier to tell if a slate tile is missing than it is to tell if it is broken or has shifted.

That said, the way to identify issues is to get the slate tile roof looked at by the professionals. One thing you don’t want to do is go walking around up there and break slate tiles. If you do feel confident that you can get up there and not cause harm to your roof, then you could actually do the inspection yourself. Of course, you might also be able to see the warning signs from down below.

It really can depend upon the slope of your roof and what you’re able to see. And just because you don’t see any broken or missing tiles doesn’t mean nothing is wrong. You still want to opt for regular maintenance, and you are going to have to make sure that you hire a reputable company that is experienced in working with slate roofing materials.

by Roof Restoration Sale.