common problems with stairs1Stairs can be located in all kinds of places throughout a home, including outdoors leading up to a porch. As you can imagine, there are common problems that can arise with different types of staircases. If you notice cracks in outdoor concrete steps for example, that kind of problem can be indicative of foundation settlement. Let’s look at some more of the other common problems with stairs that you might want to know about.

Stairs are made of all types of materials. Older wooden stairs in a home can sometimes weaken and start creaking. Repairs can always be made to stairs that require some work to be done. So far, when it comes to exterior stairs, concrete was mentioned. Yet even for outdoor stairs, there are sometimes different materials used. Wooden exterior staircases are more subject to weather conditions over time.

The wood weathers much faster than concrete and can rot. And what about indoor staircases? Those nosings are a major concern for sure, as homeowners want to be sure that they hold up over time. Stair nosings that can’t take wet conditions can be a problem. You see, in general, stair nosings are going to show wear and tear over a period of time.

So you can say that the nosings should be a focal point when it comes to the initial installation. Plated finishes are a great idea, but even they can end up becoming damaged. Plus, there are different choices to plated finishes. High traffic certainly places a part. And truth be told, traffic in general puts more pressure on the nosings, and that is why they tend to show signs of wear and tear over time.

Stair installation must also be handled correctly in the first place. You want to have chosen the best type of staircase for the area in your home, too. What materials are you going with? What nosing have you chosen? What contractor is going to be doing the work? Those are all questions that you need to consider for sure.

There are certainly many common issues that can arise with staircases. And now you definitely know to keep those nosings in mind. An experienced contractor can help you avoid the most common problems. Whether you are having a new staircase installed or having steps repaired, be sure to make the best decisions regarding what needs to be done. You want those stairs to last a long time.

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