New types of interior lighting (1)Lighting plays an important role in interior design by creating the right mood and ambiance. There are several different lighting sources that can help you create the right amount of light in a room, however, the use of different types of lighting sources will satisfy each particular need in a home.

The type of interior lighting included in a well-designed lighting plan is decorative lighting, such as accent lighting, to illuminate interesting objects or to create a strong visual impact. This type of lighting is used to highlight elements like sculptures, paintings, an architectural feature, etc. They can also be used as a unique design element that becomes a showpiece of the space it illuminates, for example, dramatic pendant lights or elegant chandeliers.

5 Top Interior Lighting Designs 2018

Mid-century styles such as minimalistic design are back. Here are five of the top lighting designs you would want to take a look at if you are considering interior lighting for your home:

1. Industrial and Retro Styles

There are some stark differences between modern industrial lighting and traditional industrial as we know it. More appropriately it is called ‘modern retro’ or ‘upgraded industrial’. Unlike warehouse type lighting commonly used in industrial style, the new designs are sleeker, the metals are richer, and there are more varied tones in alternative designs. A perfect example is a floor lamp with a body made of brass and a neon red shade.

2. Less Clutter and Cleaner Lines

Excessive ornamentation is eliminated in the latest minimalist trend where décor is mostly based on clean lines. This has caused more low-profile lighting fixtures to enter the market with simple geometric designs or soft colors that take prominence over extravagant aesthetics.

3. Mid-Century Lighting Fixtures

If you like to follow the latest lighting fixture designs, mid-century is definitely the style to keep an eye on. From the 1920s to the 1970s, Art Décor and Mid-century Modern styles have formed a continuous line, both emphasizing unique designs, clean lines, and a balance of art and form. The focus is on attractive geometric designs with sharp lines and a love for natural shapes that combine aesthetics with functional form.

4. Bigger is Better

With this style the bigger and more prominent the light fixture the better. A combination of Mid-century style and a big lighting piece will become the center of attraction in your living room. It is up to you to choose the dimensions you desire.

5. The Use of LEDs

As the cost of LEDs is getting lower it will enable homeowners to change over to LED lighting for all their lighting fixtures. LEDs can save you money in the long run apart from the fact that the technology keeps improving as the adoption of this type of lighting increases.