If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen sink there are many types and styles to choose from.

Types of sinks and basins

Farmhouse Style Sink
This type of sink is suitable for rustic farmhouse or traditional style kitchens and comes in a single or double bowl design. The most common materials are cast iron or fireclay as they are incredibly durable, non-porous, and easy to clean. The basin is usually deeper than normal which makes it ideal for large families. Although they have regained popularity over the years, they can be costly and difficult to install and need a larger space than normal sinks. This is one of the specialty of the Plumbers Geelong Team.

Undermount Style
This type of sink is installed under a countertop to create a seamless look. They can be used in any kitchen layout, look sleek, and are easier to clean as there are no lips or rims. As they are typically glued to the wall, lighter materials will have to be considered as heavier materials such as iron and fireclay materials will be too heavy for this type of installation.

Stainless Steel
These types of sinks are lightweight, easy to install and highly functional. They are categorized by the thickness or gauge of the sheeting – the thicker the gauge the heavier and cheaper while a thinner gauge will be lighter and more expensive. They provide great heat and stain resistance but can get dented.

Bar Style Sink
Designed for use in a home wet bar, they are generally smaller and more shallow than an average kitchen sink. They are typically a secondary option suitable for prep work and drink making. They are a great addition to a home bar or for use on a terrace or patio.

Corner Sinks
Installed in the corner of a countertop, they have double basins set apart from each other. This type of sink can be useful when looking to maximize counter space but the unique design makes it more difficult and costly to install.

Granite Composite Sinks
The material used for granite composite sinks is constructed by gluing together crushed granite and a resin filler compound. They are incredibly durable, highly stain resistant, and have an inherent sound-absorbing quality due to its density. They are very heavy and to accommodate the weight you may have to consider adding structural support.

Fireclay Sinks
Fireclay basins are made by fusing clay and glaze together at very high temperatures. They are extremely durable, won’t chip, stain, or etch and are highly resistant to abrasive cleaning with harsh chemicals. They are more expensive than other types of sinks like stainless steel due to the extensive fabrication process involved in manufacturing the material.